Top 8 iPhone 6s apps for checking out the news

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Staying up to date with all the current news is a healthy practice and makes us aware of our social, political and environmental environment. With technology gaining traction rapidly, catching up on the news is simpler than ever. Just pick up your tablet or smartphone, power up an app and - boom - you can view the news.

Top 8 iPhone 6s apps for checking out the news

The Internet has also changed the way in which news is broadcasted and distributed in the world. Different developers offer different kinds of apps for different kinds of news reading indulgences. Here we list the top 8 news reading apps on iOS to make your experience a worthwhile one.

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⦁ Apple News


Starting off with native apps, what better than Apple News itself? Built into your iOS device, the official News app offers a minimal interface to browse the kind of news you prefer. During registration, the app asks for your preferred categories and sources of news. Once done, it intelligently displays the articles which matter the most to you. It also incorporates an Explore section where you can discover newer sources and topics of news that might interest you further.

⦁ Pulse by LinkedIn


Another neat and cluster-free news app on iOS is Pulse. Brought to you by the guys at LinkedIn, Pulse is critically acclaimed for the smooth transitions and soothing colors that it offers, making your reading time a pleasant one. With tabs like Editor's Pick and Recommended, you can see what the editorial of the team and the majority of users are viewing during the day. Another user-oriented feature is of providing real-time feedback. Just like dating apps, you can swipe left or swipe right to disprove or approve of a news story, in that order.

⦁ Pocket


Pocket is a great news app if you are one of the social media zombies. Staying on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (okay, not that one), the whole day means viewing a lot of articles, few of which are interesting. With Pocket, you can integrate all your social media accounts onto the app. Now, whenever you are browsing on your feeds and glance upon a decent article that you wish to read but has no time, simply use the ‘Save It For Later' feature to save it to your Pocket account. Pocket then offers you with a very minimal theme to read the article, original link for which is always present there to access.

⦁ Flipboard


Keeping true to its name, Flipboard is a news reading app that acts like a virtual flipboard for reading news articles. You can simply flip or swipe through the articles to get to the one you wish to read. It is a highly customizable news app and you can tweak it to the extreme limits, basically make your own personal magazine. You have control over what categories will be shown, what publications they will be sourced from and which social media accounts it will sync over.

⦁ Zinio


Much like Apple's previous project, Newsstand, Zinio aims at providing users with easier digital means of accessing the mainstream media publications. Print journalism is still highly relevant to a large audience as the writing and reporting style is differed from the digital space. For them, Zinio is a great option as it provides you with flexible options of buying monthly subscriptions. Zinio is a great cross-platform app and syncs with your Android and Windows devices as well.

⦁ Feedly


Another RSS reader, the Feedly, actually boasts of being the only good successor to the Google Reader. If you are looking for a tool to manage your numerous news and RSS feeds, Feedly is probably the best at that exact feat. While it is a bit light on recommendations, a refreshing new Videos tab offers the user with some exciting and unique content while arranging all the RSS feeds. Once all your feeds have been fed into the app, pun intended, Feedly intelligently arranges them all according to your needs.

⦁ Zite


Displaying news in a truly informative manner, Fresco News is the news reader app - on iOS - for the millenials. Focused more on photos and videography, this app has an intuitive interface compared to other traditional news reader apps. With most major mainstream publishers on board, Fresco is a relatively news app with great potential. It offers users to access the camera and send across real-time clicks to the feed.

⦁ Google News and Weather


The official app from the biggest software giant, Google News and Weather, succeeded Google Reader to foray Google into the full-fledged news reporting sector. With tabs like ‘Suggested For You' and Recommended on the app, Google News offers a responsive UI and additional weather updates for your region.

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