Using this version of "Paytm" App Will Land You In Jail: Spoof Paytm


Paytm is one of the most used payment apps in India, especially after demonetization. Since then, a lot of people have started making payments using UPI, where, users can instantly send money to businesses in less than a second. As online payment got into the mainstream, hackers have also started to cheat people using fake payment apps, and one such app is the Spoof Paytm.

Using this version of

What Is Spoof Paytm?

As the name suggests, Spoof Paytm is a humorous imitation of the famous payment app Paytm. Using this app, users can mimic a Paytm payment without actually sending any money. There is no issue is this app is used just for humorous reasons. However, when people use this app to cheat someone, that is where the trouble begins.

Spoof Paytm is an Android app, and it is not available on Google Play Store, obviously. However, the app is just a search away on Google, and anyone can download and access it with ease. Again, Apple iPhone users won't be able to use this app, as iOS does not support sideloading.

Using this version of

Does It Work As Expected?

Just like the regular Paytm, the Spoof Paytm also generates a payment acknowledgment, which looks similar to the original acknowledgment. However, if someone looks closely into it, they can make out the fact that it is indeed not genuine.

Here is a comparison of the payment acknowledgment generated on the Spoof Paytm app and the original Paytm app. If you have an eye for detail, you will definitely be able to make out the fact that the acknowledgment is indeed fake.

Reason Why You Should Not Install Spoof Paytm On Your Phone

Installing any pack from outside the Playstore is a risky process. These apps could collect personal information and then share the same with a third party. Not just that, they could also hack your smartphone and steal money using online tools.


We have done this testing so that you don't have to suffer. Hence, only install apps from Google Play Store and do not download and install APKs from third-party websites. The Spoof APK is around 10MB in size, and it has a custom icon.

Using this version of

Will Be Considered As Financial Fraud

Trying to cheat someone with the Spoof Paytm app will be considered a financial fraud, which will land you in jail if reported to the police. If you are on the receiving end, then make sure that you get a money credit message from your bank when someone sends money using online services like Paytm or Google Pay.

To prevent any sort of missuse, we will not be sharing the Spoof Paytm APK or how you can download and install the same on your smartphone. Even if you find the APK think twice before installing, as it could brick your device. Next, when someone asks you for an OTP, do not share details like OTP or CVV code with anyone, which can be used to steal money from your bank account.

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