WhatsApp May Get “View Once” Text Messages: Here’s How They Could Protect Privacy

WhatsApp May Get “View Once” Text Messages

WhatsApp allows users to send images and videos as "view once" messages. These multimedia messages disappear right after they are viewed. The same feature could be extended to text messages as well. WhatsApp appears to be testing "View Once Text" messages. Let's see how the feature could offer a little more privacy to users who already benefit from End-To-End Encryption (E2EE).


WhatsApp Testing "View Once Text" Feature

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly experimenting with a new feature that destroys a message after it has been viewed. WhatsApp already offers the option to obliterate multimedia messages after they have been accessed. The platform could be trying to offer more options for enhanced privacy with all types of messages.

According to the screenshots, WhatsApp may add a new button in the chat window that will let users send messages with a self-destruct instruction. These text messages should disappear from the chat after the recipient has opened them once.

WhatsApp may also alert the sender about the status of the message. In other words, the platform may allow the sender to see if a recipient has opened a View Once text. This feature would be dependent on the status of the "Read Receipts" settings. This setting will have to be turned on to check if the message has been accessed.

How To Use The View Once Text Feature In WhatsApp?

WhatsApp's disappearing or self-destruct message feature tries hard to prevent messages from being downloaded, archived, or forwarded. The app blocks users from taking screenshots of "view once" images and videos. Recipients cannot share, forward, copy, or save messages delivered with the setting turned on.

For the view once text message, there could be a lock symbol in the chat window, present on the Send button. This could be a visual indicator to confirm the messages are being sent with the View Once setting on.

WhatsApp May Get “View Once” Text Messages

It is possible WhatsApp may also block the screenshot function during the time "view once" messages are opened or accessed. It is important to note that WhatsApp is testing the feature. This does not mean the platform will add the same in any upcoming update. Moreover, users could easily click a photo of the content using a second smartphone, which nullifies the promised benefit.

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