You Can Check Water Leaked in Ceiling with These 5 Apps

    As and when the rainy days are knocking our door, there's one issue that concerns Indians and it is nothing but leaky ceilings. So, are you wondering about the source of the issue and how you can control it? Take a look!

    You Can Check Water Leaked in Ceiling with These 5 Apps

    Smartphones these days have become our best friends. Whether its about having a sound sleep or detecting a leak in a ceiling, mobile phones have all the solutions with them.

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    We at GIZBOT have now geared up to identify any leakage at your house, at an early stage, before matters get worse. Here are the 5 apps that are a must for you to install on your smartphone to detect any leakage in your house or anywhere else.

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    Leak Calculator

    Leak Calculator is a multi-platform smart device app available for both Android and iOS mobile users. This app can easily detect the leaks in your ceiling, pipes or any other place in your house or office.

    Not only this, downloading the Leak Calculator app can also allow users estimate their production rate to fix the leaks. The app solves for Total Cycle Time, solves leak rate, solves unexpected pressure rate and have Selectable Engineering Units



    With the leakSMART app, you can stop water damage even before it starts. The app can detect water leaks throughout the house and eventually shuts off the as soon as it gets the first sign of the leak.

    leakSMART alerts you with both audible and visible alarms and also sends an app notification to your phone in as less as in 5 seconds. The app works for both Android and iOS phones.

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    Leak Detector

    The Leak Detector app lets the user find compressed air leaks at your house. The app uses the inbuilt microphone in a smartphone to listen for high-frequency sound in a narrow band around 20 kHz, then plays it back at lower frequencies.

    Positioning your smart device's microphone a couple of feet from the suspected leak area, and you'll listen the hiss sound, and see the red/green indicator to detect a leak. This lets you detect water leaks easily.


    iQuarius is a Mobile Leak Detection Solution for Pinpointing water leaks that can be simply used by the Android phone users.

    The app other than detecting water leaks, also provides water utility personnel, in order to fix the leak as soon as possible. Using its smartphone-based sensor, iQuarius maps the leak, by automatically with its noise analysis and GPS positioning features.

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    Early Water Leak Alert

    Early Water Leak Alert app provides its users with a long term and reliable solution to minimize the damages, discomfort, and problems occurring due to water leakage.

    The app allows the users to avoid expensive and stressful repairs, with the help of a water sensor that is connected at each critical point of the units and will activate an alert signal for the user.

    EARLY ALERT app make it easier for the users to attend any leakage situation before it gets worst.

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