Zenfone Native Apps by Asus: Features and Opinions

Take a look at all the native Zenfone apps.

    A smartphone without apps are like human beings without a backbone. Based on the phrase, we surely can't deny the fact that mobile phones without applications are not quite smart enough. To look back, this wasn't the case a decade back, yes, we weren't as dependent as we are on these innumerable mobile applications today. So, the questions that arise here are, how and when did these mobile apps weaved into our lives and became so crucial to us?

    Zenfone Native Apps by Asus: Features and Opinions

    It was nearly around the late 20th century that all the jiggles about mobile applications kick-started. Starting its journey from PDAs to the classic Nokia snake games, and now the millions and zillions wide range of apps including shopping apps, ticket booking apps, chatting apps, or any other which are housed in the Google Play Store, applications are said to a go a long way.

    Smartphones to become smarter, are offering their official application with the aim to make life easier for their users. Be it Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, or Xiaomi, all the leading mobile makers have designed their own applications to provide the best in class user experience.

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    Catching up with the race, the Taiwanese-based tech giant, Asus isn't quite far behind the leading mobile manufacturers as far as the apps department is concerned. We at GizBot have extensively tried our hands-on to Asus' recently launched Zenfone 3 Max, and used all the native Asus apps that come packed with the smartphone.

    Let's take a look at the range of apps that Asus offers and how these applications work and help the users.

    ZenUI Launcher

    ZenUI Launcher app customizes the user's experience. The app comes pre-installed with the smartphone. After updating the app, the user will be able to apply interesting themes, wallpapers, widgets, scroll effects and also change app icons, which will make the handset look more classy and appealing. Not only this, the ZenUI app also customizes font style and size, add widgets to the home screen, and more.

    Adding on, the application allows the users to be smarter than ever with the help of its Quick Find Feature, which enables them to smart search for apps, contacts, trending topics at just a single click. The key factor that the ZenUI app is built with is to provide enhance security layers as the app enable users to access other security concerned apps like AppLock, helping them to lock their personal information from being trapped with any malicious access.


    ZenCircle allows users to share photo stories similar to that of Snapchat or Instagram. Not only this, the application also let the users interact with other ZenCircle users.

    How to Use ZenCircle?

    #1 Sign up and Upload the photo. Note that up to 9 pictures can be uploaded at one shot to create a splendid photo story.

    #2 After selecting and uploading the photo, like in other social media platform, ZenCircle would require a story title, story description, story tags.

    #3 Adding all the details on the photo, ZenCircle also provides the scope to share the photo story with other social media platforms as well.

    Asus has always been concerned about its users security. Applying the similar strategy in ZenCircle as well, there is a separate option called "authorize my photo" which refrain other users to download and misuse your photos. However, your contacts using ZenCircle will be able to like and comment on your shared photo. Likewise, you can do the same on their photos.

    Asus Webstorage

    In our earlier report, we had mentioned that cloud storage apps are rising and are the future of the mobile app development space. Asus Webstorage application behaves as a personal cloud storage tool, quite similar to that of Dropbox. The app enables the users to securely save up to 5GB data and documents on the cloud which reduces the chances of losing them and can be accessed at any time. Not only that, this application allow the users to share data with others instantly.

    Photo Collage

    Befitting the name, this ZenUI support app allows users to create photo-collage of all the photographs present in their gallery. Here's how the app works:

    #1 You can select up to 9 photos from your phone gallery.

    #2 Click on next, after which the app with direct you to the next step where you can add frames and edit your photos. You can also add texts, change its font styles, size, and color.

    #3 Reset the resolution of the image from the options given and click on save.

    #4 Now add a title and description to the collage.

    #5 Your collage is now ready to share with your friends on social media. Asus Photo Collage app allow the users to directly share the edited photo collage on their social media accounts.

    Just in case if you're not willing to share the collage now and want to schedule it, you can simply share the photo collage with 'Do it Later' option, which will automatically save the collage for future reference and you can share it with your friends when required.

    Asus Router

    Providing the best Internet browsing experience, Asus Router manages the home network including the WiFi connection, WiFi router, Modem and other networks as well. This router application monitors routers, CPU and RAM, real time traffic, router status, and also multiple other routers. Not only this, Asus Router monitors clients device connected to the router, set bandwidth limit for better Internet browsing and if identifies any malicious activities occurring instantly blocks the Internet access to that device.

    As of now, the router app is compatible with a selective devices, however is all set to work with all the major used devices like the Asus Zenfone series, Padfone series, iPhone 5 and above versions, Samsung Galaxy S series and many more.

    Asus ZenFit

    This fitness app is aimed towards growing a healthier tomorrow. ZenFit as the name suggests let the user track their fitness activities, not only on your ZenFone but also on ZenWatch. With this app the user can track different fitness activities like walking, running, count burnt calories, heartbeat rate, and also provides daily tips to stay healthy and fit.

    ZenFit also behaves as the user's personal assistant, which provides them with health reminders on when to go for a walk or exercise. The app sends a personal message on Health Hub notifying the users on daily activities achievements and also provides tips for health and workout.

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    Asus File Manager

    Asus File Manager let the users manage their documents in an efficient manner, without losing any data. The application lets them manage all the documents present in the phone, SD card, memory, local area network and cloud storage accounts as well.  This pre-installed application allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, or share all the files including photos, videos, text documents or others.

    Asus Weather

    It is a just another weather app. Asus Weather provides accurate real-time prediction on the climate condition, if there's a chance for rain, humidity levels and wind strength, and more. The application also integrates seamlessly with ZenUI What's Next. Which means that the user will be informed about the weather updates and how to prepare yourself to fight the situation, via the lock screen.

    So, with Asus Weather application will notify on the worst climatic conditions, along with the precautionary measures to fight the situation.

    ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

    ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is an all-in-one contacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerful phone call features enabling you to block calls from unidentified callers and spam senders using Smart blocking feature, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smart search, view history with all important info and personalize your own theme on your dialer, call log, and  contacts. The app comes with smart search feature which enables you to find contacts fast rather than scrolling on and on. Not only this, the application comes with "speed dial with a tap" one tap feature, and also let you safeguard your private contact details.

    With ZenUI Dialer & Contacts, you can password-protect your contact list and address book history from prying eyes. Other than just managing the contacts, the applications also let you trigger your phone's front camera into a security camera and capture photos of unauthorized users who try to hack in with wrong passwords.

    ASUS Backup

    This application simply backup and restore all the data housed in the device. Asus Backup is a simple and efficient tool which is compatible only with ZenFone devices. To create a back of all your data with Asus Backup app, the user is required to have an external SD card to proceed with the backup process. The app can create back up for all the other applications including ZenUI, and others, save or restore call logs and all personal settings.

    Do It Later: Tasks & To-Dos

    Befitting the name of the app, the Do It Later App allow the user to schedule task. Hence, as claimed by Asus, this application let users focus on the most important tasks without missing on a bit. Do It Later is seamlessly integrated with ZenUI applications as well as other third party apps and enable the user to start off with the point they left off. For instance, using this application, like we had earlier mentioned, a user can create a photo collage and put it to Do It Later folder available. This will save the task and later notify the user to share the photo collage with their family and friends on other social platform.

    Mobile Manager

    This Asus application manages and monitors the complete operation of the smartphone. Mobile Manager is an all-in-one app that comes pre-install will all the handsets, with which the users can easily control battery usage, check on memory availability, scan privacy, and completely optimizes the overall device performance. Mobile manage application let the user speed up the smartphone and deliver seamless user experience, not only that, the app cleans up apps that are unused, optimizes battery power with the help of power saver, and also protects the user data and prevent information leaks.

    Share Link

    Asus Share Link application lets the user transfer files to any Android device. This pre-installed app comes with the ability to both send and receive files of any kind, be it any multimedia file or text document. Not only can the app transfer music, photos, videos, apps, or documents to other phones, but can also connect to nearby Windows PCs and tramsfer files to desktops as well.


    This MiniMovie app comes packed with a wide range of Android devices, and Zenfone is no exception. MiniMovie app is a simple to use free slideshow and video making application which comes pre-installed with Zenfone 3 Max. The app helps users to easily and quickly create movies just by collecting photos, adding background music, and transforming them into a stunning video. Other than making videos, MiniMovie also let the users create interesting slide-shows, by adding music and texts to the photos. After creating the movie or a slide show, it can be directly shared to other social media platforms via the MiniMovie Maker application.

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