Firefox Marketplace Now Open, Accessible using Firefox browser for Android

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Firefox Marketplace Now Open, Accessible using Firefox browser for Android

A dedicated app marketplace has been designated for Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Firefox Operating system. The Firefox app marketplace can be now accessed through Firefox beta browser for Android. The marketplaces house several games, apps and utilities which will be made available on Mozilla’s upcoming mobile OS. The new operating system is scheduled to launch next year. 

The market place is in its beta phase as of now and is only accessible on Android based devices. The marketplace was first showcased to the public during September this year. The design has not received much alteration since then. Like it was when released, free apps form the majority of the apps listed in the marketplace. However this scenario could change depending upon how Mozilla and its partners succeed in gaining market share once the devices running on the OS are released in 2013. 

Several carriers and manufacturers are now looking at Mozilla’s Firefox OS as an alternative to Windows Phone 8 OS from Microsoft. Some analysts even predict that Firefox OS could even pose a threat to Android OS. One of the key reasons for this claim is that Mozilla’s Firefox OS which is entirely based on HTML5 will have the capability to run Android like apps on low end hardware much more efficiently than mid range Android phones. 

This is expected to draw a lot of customers towards the new operating system from Mozilla. With the new OS, Mozilla and its partners are aiming at entry level customers in developing countries.ZTE will be the first to launch phones running on Firefox OS with carriers such as Telefonica giving them appropriate backing. ZTE is planning to launch Firefox OS based phones during later part of this year or early next year.

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