Firefox OS Marketplace Leaked: Can Mozilla’s 'Boot To Gecko' OS Outshine iOS and Android?

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Firefox OS Marketplace Leaked: Can Mozilla’s 'Boot To Gecko' OS Outshine iOS and Android?

The biggest competitor to Google in the web browser market share is soon planning to come with a new OS, to throw a new challenge to the software multinational in the category of operating system for mobile devices. Yes, the talk is about Mozilla, the non-profit company that makes the Firefox Web browser.

Newest reports by Engadget has leaked some screenshots showing the alomost finalized Firefox Marketplace which boasts a simple design with Marketplace home page featuring select apps in the upper half, and categories on the other half.

The Mozilla mobile operating system that intends to compete in the hotly contested smartphone market space shows a very polished marketplace which is expected to allow users to download and install third-party developer creations.

At the same time, the layout is different from what Apple’s iOS App Store or Google’s Play Store has to offer, the underlying navigation concepts seem to be the same.

Expected features like the ability to search through the apps is present, as well as easily being able to drill down in specific categories and view the apps within them.

It appears that each app has its own page that allows users to view reviews of the product, as well as handling administrative tasks like read the company’s privacy policy or contact the developer directly for support.

Moreover, reports in the past by a Brazilian tech blog Ztop claimed that the company has announced its plans to debut mobile devices running with "Boot To Gecko (B2G)." As per reports, the announcement was made in Sao Paulo by the Mozilla Digital and Telefonica, and the first devices will be launched initially in Brazil on the Telefonica Vivo network between the end of this year and early 2013.

The reports also mentioned that Mozilla and Telefonica will jointly launch the Open Web Devices platform and it will be based on web apps and HTML5 offering developers complete access to core device APIs. Capabilities including calling, messaging, browsing and gaming will be developed as HTML5 applications and will be executed via experiences based on the Firefox browser. Mozilla is now accepting developer submissions for its Mozilla Marketplace storefront, targeting a consumer launch later this year and supporting any HTML5-capable device.

In the meanwhile, not further details have been provided by the company so far. Hence, it will help to be patient and new details may get revealed in days to come. Conversely, the point of worry here is, can Mozilla actually compete against the likes of Android OS, Windows Phone ( Windows 8) and Apple's iOS, when it comes to smartphone and tablet operating systems? When Microsoft is having a hard time going up against Apple and Google, what could be Mozilla's secret ingredient?

With B2G, Mozilla is on a collision course with the Goliaths of the tech industry. Tell us in the comments if you think it is a good idea for Mozilla to branch out into apps or its own smartphone. Or would you rather wait before making any judgment, until Mozilla comes out with the next best software in the market?


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