Google Chrome Updated: Gets Bug Fixes on Android, Adds New Passbook Feature for iOS Devices

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Google Chrome Updated: Gets Bug Fixes on Android, Adds New Passbook Feature for iOS Devices

Google has rolled out Chrome updates for Android and iOS with effect from November 28, incorporating the new updates with several bug fixes and some new features.

Chrome browser update for the iOS includes a couple of new features along with several bug fixes. Opening PDF files using other applications is now possible with the new update. The browser also auto-detects text coding. It supports Passbook, a useful application in which tickets and passes for airlines could be saved. This update is dubbed Chrome version 23.0.1271.91. Apart from these features, this version also includes a couple of stability and security fixes to the issues which were reported with the previous version.

The Chrome update for Android is not much different from the previous one except for some bug fixes. Updates for ARM and x86 devices have been released with both the updates fixing several stability issues that were reported before. ARM devices get the version 18.0.1025469 and x86 devices supports version 18.0.1026322.

Just as in previous versions, some issues have already cropped up with the latest updates too. ‘History’ option is unavailable in Chrome for iOS update and also ‘Data Unavailable’ message pops up every time an iOS user tries to save images from the net. Similarly, Android users also encounter some error messages along with inconsistency when accessing certain websites. It also sometimes shows instructions for non-mobile version of Chrome. Issues such as tabs loading blank and lag in scrolling also plague Android Chrome users.

Chrome browser for iOS can be downloaded from Apple Store and for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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