Google Could Soon Allow You To Unlock Your Laptop Via Smartphone

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While Google is trying out new things with all its desktop and mobile offerings currently in the market, it seems like the main focus still remains on how to offer a link between both. Now it seems like a feature owing just to that could be arriving soon.

According to reports, a brand new feature called "Easy Unlock" could soon make its way to all Google and Android users where the feature could allow users to unlock their Chromebooks automatically just by having their phone in close proximity.

Google Could Soon Allow You To Unlock Your Laptop Via Smartphone

Although not official and yet to be fully developed, the new feature, if indeed true, will be one of the most groundbreaking advances ever from the company, allowing users to unlock their laptops directly via thier smartphones.

"The feature is disabled by default, but people running on the dev channel can enable it at chrome://flags/#enable-easy-unlock," as revealed via Android Police first.

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However, that's all the news to be getting excited about at the moment. "Though the window indicates that it has three pages, nothing happens when trying to swipe away from the first one."

"When I click on the "Find your phone" button, the window appears to start searching, but nothing happens," the post adds.

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Nonetheless, nothing is official at the moment related to this new feature. However, more details related to it are expected to arrive some time down the line.

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