Google Current App for your Android phones and tablets

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Google Current App for your Android phones and tablets

The Google Currents App is one of the free android applications. This is available for android smartphone and tablet pc users. Through this, you can get all the latest and top magazines on your smartphones/tablets. You could download this app through Google Play as well.

It gives you access to various magazines published by the top publishers of the world. Through this, you are given high-speed reading and even offline reading of all your favourite magazines.

The editions of these magazines are free. These editions include:

  • Google Trending Editions

  • Top Publisher Editions

  • Your favourite and most preferred feeds and blogs

In addition to these, Google Currents also enables quick-touch sharing . This app works well for all your Android tablets. You can even subscribe to various top editions. These subscriptions are automatically synced for all your Android smartphones and tablets.

The Google Current online app is named as one of the top 10 android apps of 2011. You can freely download the app from the Google Play store. Click here to download your Google Currents now.

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