Google Developing Private Wi-Fi Authentication App for Android and iOS, Says Reports

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Google is looking to bump up private Wi-Fi hotspots and take security to an entirely new level. According to reports, Google is currently said to be working on a special Wi-Fi authentication app for Android and iOS devices that will help connect to wireless hotspots effortlessly, while taking out all the issues related to it.

According to sources closely linked with the new wireless project from the search giant, Google is building Android and iOS versions of an app that will automatically authenticate and connect to available free private hotspots owned by retail and other business organizations. As of now, Google has put the Android version of the app up for a trial run at its Mountain View HQ.

Google Developing Private Wi-Fi Authentication App for Android and iOS

As of now, the company has bound the app to some limited tests. And while there's no confirmation about whether Google will release it officially, Engadget (who had a direct link to the source) states "Google has internally discussed linking the app to its rollout of faster WiFi connections to all 7,000 Starbucks stores in the US."

The report clearly states that Google has been planning the new Wi-Fi tool in relation with the popularity of Starbucks' hotspots at its 7,000 stores, and that this is a part of a deal between the two companies that was announced last July, and is expected to be completed by early 2015.

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However, if the app was ever to be made official, users would be able to skip the problematic terms and conditions of service agreement, or any other related login process, to go online.

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The new report related to a dedicated Wi-Fi authentication app for devices running Android and iOS platforms surely looks quite exciting and comes just weeks after Google, together with others such as Comcast, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, and a number of related companies joined together to form WifiForward, which is aimed at improving and expanding Wi-Fi networks.

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