Google Earth 6.2 an improved version of Google Earth

Posted By: Rahul

Google Earth 6.2 an improved version of Google Earth

Google Earth, Google's revolutionary product which has captured the imagination of people across the globe has just undergone an improvement. Yes, the latest Google Earth version is named as Google Earth 6.2 and has better, more user friendly interfaces compared to Google Earth.

The Google Earth 6.2 also uses latest search interfaces which help the users to get accurate views(information) and also does this task interactively and intuitively. Some of the outstanding features that Google Earth 6.2 provides are:

1) Improved Searches:The Auto complete feature which is available in Google Maps has been incorporated in Google Earth 6.2. All relevant search results apart from the top ten results are going to be displayed now through search layer function. Apart from these Google has added biking, walking and transit directions as well which can visualize the users' search inputs and display the results using mind blowing GUI.

2) One Click Google+ Share:Users can share the images of places that they have traveled using Google Earth 6.2 virtually with all their circles. All images including those of mountains, cities, deserts, oceans etc can be shared in a 3D format via Google+. Even screenshots of places can be effectively shared using Google Earth 6.2 over Google+.

3) Satellite view of the Earth:An improved imagery of the Earth coupled with satellite 3D view are sure to make the users' experience enriching and fulfilling. This technology helps in retaining the texture of all the Geographic landscapes without modifying them and directly displays them to the users. Thus the Google Earth 6.2 provides the best user experience.

Thus, the user searches are set to become a tad better with Google Earth 6.2 and also intuitive. The Google Earth 6.2 is an immediate must-try.

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