Google I/O: Android TV Announced, Coming Soon To Your Living Room

Wednesday was the official day opening of Google I/O developer's conference 2014 and as the day proceeded the usual mad affair on the show floor began with a bang in San Francisco. As expected, the Android OS creator demonstrated loads of new software and hardware updates at the event.

The Day 1 got into full swing and definitely delivered more than what was predicted from the tech enthusiasts across the globe. One of the most interesting announcements was Android TV, yes Google is all set to capture your living room television sets with this new software. As mentioned in the company press release, Android TV will be using Android "L" as a base and the new software will run on set-top box hardware comparable to the Apple TV or the Amazon Fire TV.

Google I/O: Android TV Announced, Coming Soon To Your Living Room

Android TV will be based on the Android platform that is available today for developers. Between now and L-release, Android TV is primarily for developers using the preview SDK and developer kit. Developers can use the SDK and developer kit to start build compelling experiences across every facet of TV including content, apps and games. All of the infrastructure to support Android TV is being built directly into Android.

Google said, " We're working with hardware partners to integrate Android TV into televisions, set top boxes and micro-consoles. Android TV is Android adapted for content consumption and discovery. We've adapted Android for rich immersive experiences on TV, including voice search and recommendations to make it easy to quickly find great content."

Developers can easily plug into voice search and recommendations, and use simple templates to quickly adapt their work to Android TV. Basically, Android TV is an open platform available for developers to create apps focused on the living room experience. The interface is content-first, cinematic, fun, fluid and fast. The SDK preview will be available there starting tomorrow.

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