Google Map gets Voice Navigation, Live Traffic Updates for Indian Android Devices

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Google Map gets Voice Navigation, Live Traffic Updates for Indian Android Devices

Search engine giant Google has launched the much awaited voice navigation service now in India. This service will be available for users across India using mobile phone and tablets running on Android operating system, downloadable at the link here

The service is available for free and will help travelers reach their desired destinations with the help of vocal instructions. Even though the navigation app was pre-installed in all the latest Android phones, there was no official support from Google to enable this voice feature. The application used to show only the routes and did not support any voice instructions and the problem has been rectified now. 

Google has asked its users to be cautious while using the app since it is still in its beta stages and there are possibilities of errors in directions and instructions. The app has in store many advanced features. One among them includes ability to save the routes for future reference. 

Layers can be included and also removed for transforming the view from basic one to a detailed one. The app also re-routes users if they are taking the wrong deviations. Another unique feature of this app is its capability to give users instructions to walk as well as drive. 

Google is also planning to include basic and local map services which will provide users with information regarding the notable places nearby the user. Earlier in India, Nokia was the only company to provide Nokia Maps app for free. 

Some of the paid navigation apps available included Tom-Tom and MapMyIndia. Even though several third party navigation apps are available, they are not considered to be as precise as Google Navigation app or Nokia Maps app. It is only recently that Google provided transit feature for its users in major metropolitan Indian cities. 

Google understands the relevance of navigation apps and transit applications for emerging economies such as India. These user-friendly features are sure to keep Google based Android phones to stay ahead of iPhone devices from Apple in the Indian market at least in the short run.

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