Google Maps For Android Update Adds Event Listing for Smartphones

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Google is currently updating its popular Maps service in order to make it even bigger and improved than it previously was. According to reports, Google Maps has received an update for Android that looks to offer a number of features as well as bug fixes.

The new update for Google Maps for Android patches a few internal bugs while also adding a new feature that now offers information on upcoming events and performances when the user searches for a specific venue, by taking them over from the Internet when available.

Google Maps For Android Update Adds Event Listing for Smartphones

Rather than just directing you toward the hotspot where the event is taking place - sounds a great way to spend the weekend, isn't it?

Google recently announced about the new update online with a picture of the app showing upcoming shows at a Jazz Club in London, while demonstrating that Google Maps will be able to keep you up to date on future concerts.

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"The app also works at other types of venues. Search for your local sports arena or ballpark in Google Maps on Android and you'll see a quick list of upcoming home games and other events," states Techno Buffalo.

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The updated version of Google Maps is currently available for download via Google Play.

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