Google Maps for iOS: Latest Leak Suggests New App is Almost Ready

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Google Maps for iOS: Latest Leak Suggests New App is Almost Ready

Google is all set to launch the standalone map application for iOS devices according to the latest report which has leaked few images of the app screenshots online. The leak came from a developer Dan Guild who posted the images of an iPhone running a standalone native Google Maps application. According to him, this application is still in alpha phase only and hence it may take more time for it to roll out to the users. 

As per Dan, the new Google app is going to be vector based; that means two finger rotation can be used to input the desired angle for choosing the location. He also claimed that the new application would be much faster and it is optimized to fit in the height of the iPhone5’s 4 inch display screen. This will make sure that whole display space is utilized optimally to display the maps. 

Apple as you may remember made a heavy weather for itself when it dumped Google’s Maps from iOS6 to enforce users using their own internally developed Maps application. However Apple’s Map application was criticized heavily for accuracy in findings and for being mot much user friendly. This even made Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizing to the Apple users for launching such a below optimal application and even vowed to improve its application in the next version soon. However this gave Google an opportunity to hit back at Apple rolling out a better Maps application for iOS devices.

It remains to be seen how Apple will receive this development and new Google Maps application.

Source: CNET News

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