Google Now for iOS: Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube

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Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant, introduced to Android with version 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google Now implemented as an aspect of the Google Search application, brings you relevant search results based on the repeated actions or search queries, you have made. On Wednesday, Google posted a Youtube video of Google Now coming to iPhone and iPad. The video is apparently the low resolution version of a promotional video for Google Now on iOS. However, the video was soon pulled out. But, Engadget did manage to capture the video and embed it in their own player.

Google Now for iOS: Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube

The promotional video, does look genuine as the voice over actress seem to be same as the one found in the Android promotional video. The video suggests that iOS users will be able to launch Google now by a simple swipe up, from the bottom of screen from within the search application. However, the video does not show an iPhone or a iPad, which raises a question on its authenticity and also there has been no official confirmation from Google's side.

Google is known to design its apps for cross-platform usage and hardly restricts any features for Android platform only. Some of the apps offered by Google for iOS include Google maps, Google search, Crome web browser, Gmail, YouTube and Google drive amongst other. The addition of Google now for iOS would prove to be a feather on the hat for Google.

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