Google Play Concurs Apple iTunes Figures with 7,00,000 Android Apps

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Google Play Concurs Apple iTunes Figures with 7,00,000 Android Apps

Google Play is going to reach another milestone. Google has announced that its Google Play Store is just a few steps away from touching the 7,00,000 Android apps mark. This places Google Play Store in neck to neck competition with iTunes App Store when it comes to app offerings. 

Google has been pushing a lot of developers for developing apps for its Android operating system, especially for the Android based tablets. This is an area where Apple has a lead ever since the iPad was launched. Google believes that they will be able to surpass iTunes App Store in the future with the release of improved and better proprietary tablets. 

Google has been adding a large number of android apps to its Google Play Store with the demand increasing by many folds for Android supported devices in the market. Google has now proclaimed direct competition with Apple’s iPad by releasing Google Nexus 10 tablets featuring a 10-inch screen display size with a superior resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

iPad supports only a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels in its Retina display. The company has also announced the release of a 32GB version of its Nexus 7 tablet with 3G capabilities. The new launches reflect the seriousness Google is taking in the tablet market. The company is expecting the number of Android tablet apps also to grow as well in the near future. 

Apple on the other hand claims its iOS operating system is making more sales than any other operating systems released so far. The company announced that it has spent so far $6.5 Billion with app developers since the launch of iTunes App Store in 2008. However the latest numbers released by Google about the number of apps in its Google Play Store is a good indication that Google might be getting too close to that of Apple.

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