Google Play: Indian Android Developers now Allowed to Publish Paid Apps

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Google Play: Indian Android Developers now Allowed to Publish Paid Apps

Indian Android application developers can rejoice now. Google has decided to let the Indian application developers to publish paid apps to Google Play, their Android app store. Till now, the Indian developers could only publish free apps. This was made possible as Google decided to include India in the list of countries from where developers can publish the paid apps. 

The decision of Google is expected to bring back smiles to the face of thousands of application developers in India who can now target for new revenue stream with paid apps getting published in the app store. 

Industry experts welcoming this move from Google commented that this was long due and it would bring a strong Indian application developer network to the Android ecosystem thereby bringing in more innovative apps. They hoped that this would pave the way for development of more localized Android apps specifically designed to meet the needs of Indian consumers.

It may be recalled that now Android is fast becoming the most popular mobile OS in India with Samsung and other Indian players like Micromax bringing in a wide range of Android smartphones and feature phones in the market. 

Till now it was a huge struggle for Indian app developers and firms as they had to undergo a cumber some process to publish these paid apps. Some companies have even set up subsidiary in US for the sole purpose of publishing their apps in the Play store. Now these firms would breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t need to invest in setting up subsidiary in US or have a local bank account in US to launch these paid apps in Google Play Store. 

The new move by Google is expected to increase the number of apps in Google Play store considerably. Currently there are around 6.5 lakh apps in Android store where as it is more than seven lakhs in Apple store.

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