Google Now Updated: Gets New Passbook Feature for Android Devices and More

By: Gizbot Bureau

Google seems to be in a hurry to update its apps before the Holiday season kicks off. The company already announced updates to Gmail app and now they have announced an update for the personal assistant app, Google Now.

The new updates include better search facilities, provision of new cards and more voice actions like the one to post updates to your Google+ account directly. As you can see there is lot more integration of Google Now to Google+ too with this update, which seems to be the order of the day for Google.

Google Now Updated: Gets New Passbook Feature for Android Devices

It seems that Google has mainly focused on bringing in new features mainly keeping into mind the upcoming travel and holiday time. This is quite clear from their official update which appeared on Android blog site which said "Google Now will tell you what the weather will be like at your destination." The official update also mentioned that this new personal assistant app could help you locate events and places around you when you travel to a new destination.

There is also an option to search by your phone camera, i.e. using Google goggles to find interesting information on anything you have just seen in a museum or a monument. The other travel friendly features would include a summary of trekking or similar activities in your location as well as getting boarding passes from airlines at the airport during boarding.

There are three more voice actions being added in Google Now for Android, by which you can give voice commands to post comments directly to Google+, know more about a specific song which you are hearing and also to scan the barcodes to seek more information about a product at the shop. Your personal assistant is getting better and better!

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