Google Voice Soon to be Integrated Into Hangouts

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Google is trying to make its services as effective and crisp as possible, and if that means that a few of the old services will have to be killed in order to make way for new ones, so be it. Keeping the trend in mind, it has been reported that Google will be killing off its Google Voice feature although it will still have a presence via the Google Hangouts.

According to reports, Google is looking to get rid of its Voice service with most of its functionality set to be incorporated into the G+ Hangouts apps on both Android and iOS.

Google Voice Soon to be Integrated Into Hangouts

And while this a new thing to happen, technically, the process has already taken place to an extent with the current ability to call up friends via Hangouts. However, further new changes to it mean that the app will see some major upgradation when the changes start falling in place.

So if things start falling in place for Google, fans can expect to see the updated Hangouts app to arrive with an ability to make VoIP-to-phone calls on both Android and iOS.

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Moreover, if the change does end up happening, it could draw some dissatisfaction from carriers who may not see such competition in a good light from an app that already comes pre-installed on millions of devices.

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While there has been no specific timing provided for the Google Voice migration, but it is said to come in a few months, making the upcoming Google I/O the best bet for an announcement for the integrated service.

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