Government launches Mobile App Store

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Government launches Mobile App Store

The Indian government has plans to launch a mobile app store of its own to offer several public services through mobile phones. The app store is already in the process of creation and it is oriented towards boosting the development and on the deployment of the public services apps.

This app store will be integrated to MSDG (Mobile Services Delivery Gateway) which is the core infrastructure that delivers the public services. This will be created by a particular agency that is in the Department of Information Technology (DIT).

DIT proposes to have a payment gateway integrated with the store so that the users can pay for those public services that they access right from their phones. The store will make use of the Aadhaar unique identity number to enable the transactions.

The government is also in plans to create a Mobile Governance Innovation Fund in order to accelerate the development and the deployment of the mobile apps for various public services and also to make the services and information on the government websites.

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