How iPhone 4S acts as a virtual assistant?

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In the coming future we may not see any more personal assistants as Apple iPhone 4S is all set to substitute the post. Apple has come up with some stunning artificial intelligence to enrich the daily living of users.

The application known as ‘Siri’ is mind blowing artificial intelligence which works on your voice commands. This is an extraordinary development as far as voice recognition applications are concern.

With this you can easily talk to your iPhone 4S and assign various tasks to your gadget. ‘Siri’ can perform various functions such as sending SMS, scheduling meeting and much more; all at your single command.

Now, lets us try to know more on this marvelous intelligence and how it works. The specialty of the application is that it can understand what you talk and even understands. And most surprisingly it talks back to you.

The working of ‘Siri’ in iPhone 4S is very interesting. For example, you want to send SMS to your friend, all you need to do is:

  • Ask your iPhone 4S for text

  • Then the text field will come up in the screen

  • Then you can tell what you want to type, the application will do it

  • The next step, you ask for contact search

  • After finding the correct contact iPhone will ask you for sending command

  • You can give the command to send the SMS

  • And you gadget will do it

How iPhone 4S acts as a virtual assistant?

Isn’t it amazing???

Moreover you can follow the same process in assigning various tasks to the gadget such as you can assign it for reminding you a special task to be performed at a particular time.

Some of the daily requirements which you can perform with ‘Siri’ are:

  • Ask about the weather

  • Assign to set a meeting

  • Assign to set alarm, timer and etc

  • You can ask for directions

  • And more excitingly you can even send SMS or email.

  • Read and write messages, thus you can save time in typing as well as reading it your own

  • Enhances locating you with the special interaction to Maps application and GPS

  • Search contacts, interact with calendar

  • And moreover it also forwards search phrases.

Overall the application is marvelous; it will reduce your time required in performing various tasks and make your life very easy. Hopefully, in the near future we could hear people saying ‘my best friend is my iPhone 4S’ as the gadget can interact with you as long as you wish to and perform every task you assigned to it.

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