How Siri helps to start, stop, lock and unlock a car?

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How Siri helps to start, stop, lock and unlock a car?


Technology now a day is growing rapidly with improved features that would be helpful in the hectic day to day life. Most technologies are focused on making handsets and tablets perform better and simplify users’ life. One awesome technology, that is worth mentioning is the Apple’s Siri, exclusive for Apple iPhone 4S.

Evidently, the Siri has limitless capabilities, going so far as to even let the user lock and unlock his car with his iPhone 4S, not to mention, to start and stop it as well. Let’s see how you can personalize your Siri for controlling your car.

Hacking such a technology has been of interest for quite a few months now. One such hacker, named Brandon altered Siri to be compatible with the remote of his car, Viper. If you want such a feature, then you require:

  • A Siri proxy plugin

  • A php script personally designed to send commands to your car

  • The Car should also sport a SmartStart feature for responding to commands

The php script should be personalized with the user’s idea. The user requires a bug free proxy plugin for Siri, which he can use to manage the interaction with the php script. The php script should be run in a web server. It’s the php scripts which send the commands to the car, which is received and processed by the SmartStart module feature, which needs to be installed in the car’s system.

You can make certain specified commands using Siri to enable the SmartStart module to start accepting and performing the commands. The various commands you can use include:

  • Vehicle Arm

  • Vehicle Disarm

  • Vehicle Pop trunk

  • Vehicle Panic

  • Vehicle Start

  • Vehicle Stop

This is the most promising technology so far developed by Apple. Apple Siri currently used is the Beta version. But reportedly, Apple is developing a cooler version of the Siri, which would be compatible in devices running in lower Apple iOS operating system. If your car has remote controlled ignition and engine-off technology, then this idea can be made possible. But it does require a lot of work.

Soon the proxy plugins and php scripts will be used to develop a Siri that can perform the car command functions easily. This idea would hopefully be implemented soon in Apple devices, which are not as pricey as the iPhone4S which currently comes with Siri.

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