Ice Age Adventures Review: Slightly Old but Gold Nonetheless

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Ice Age Adventures is an adventure game that was released by Gameloft. The game corresponded with the release of Ice Age: Continental Drift movie. We stumbled upon this game while browsing through the Games section on Google Play and decided that we had to play it. Ah, Who wouldn't, right?

Ice Age Adventures just requires 25 MB wherein you get the essentials to run the game. Then onward you will have the download it as you go by completing missions. In app purchases range from Rs.55 to Rs 6,113 per buy. It runs on Android 4.0 or higher.

Ice Age Adventures Review: Slightly Old but Gold Nonetheless

The theme, as mentioned earlier, is set with Continental Drift as the premise. You'll play the game as Sid- The Sloth rescuing all sorts of animals. You can also switch to Manny, Diego and other main characters during the later part of the game. What's interesting is the fact that all the characters are voiced by the Hollywood A-listers that were part of the movie.

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Gameplay of the Ice Age Adventures is an absolutely fun experience. It is as though Gameloft has clubbed other popular games such as Temple Run, Candy Crush and several others to create something that is way more amazing than all of the others combined. You'll be building shelters at one point of time, sailing on a boat the next moment rescuing animals and then sliding through the snowy and wretched slopes in another. Overall, the game is so good that you can barely put your phone or your tablet down aside for even a few seconds.

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All in all, Ice Age Adventures is an addictive game that takes you into a fantastical world of Ice Age. Best of all, the game doesn't bother you with expensive buys and that remains to be a part of your choice. A slight bummer is that you will have to wait for longer periods of time until an action can be completed. But in the end, it's all worth the wait.

4 out of 5

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