Instagram for Windows Phone Revealed By Leaked Screenshot of Windows Store

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The absence of Instagram hase been a big let down for smarphones working on Windows Phone platform. However, previously, the Chinese site WPDang posted an add for a Nokia Lumia 620, with the familiar Instagram icon placed on the start screen. Authenticity of the add was in doubt, as it seamed unlikely that the app for the popular photo sharing network, would be available for windows phone 8, that soon

However, anontechleaks posted a new leaked screenshots on twitter, suggesting that the app will be available on for Windows Phone 8 soon. The leaked image shows the Instagram icon present in the Windows Phone store page, along with discretion of the app.

Instagram for Windows Phone Revealed By Leaked Screenshot

Anontechleaks tweets"...Templerun 2 realracing 3 Instagram and others aren't launch until may 2013...its in wp store but aren't downloadable(need permission)..."

Nokia did release the app called #2InstaWithLove, which allows users to take their photos and apply a Poloroid like filter to them. The app then automatically adds the #2InstaWithLove hashtag to the photos, so they can be uploaded, on any of the social networks. However the app seemed more like a temporary solution to the Instagram problem.

Two different rumored leaks, point towards the impending release of instagram app for Windows 8 Phone. There is no telling, whether these images are real or not. However, there has been no official conformation of the app.

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