iOS in Business: Top 5 Apps You Should Download On Your iPhone

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We all work everyday of the week in our respective professions trying to make ends meet. And while we definitely put in our most to get the job done, sometimes we have the need of a little bit of external help to carry out the work smoothly. So what if you get that anticipated help from your everyday iPhone?

Your iOS-powered smartphone has been built with a number of capabilities like handling more operations at a single time, and one of those capabilities involve handling your work when allotted. So much so that even when you are enjoying some great music from the pre-defined playlist in your smartphone, you can still make work happen that you need to get done beofre you appear in front of your boss the following day.

iOS in Business: Top 5 Apps You Should Download On Your iPhone

But while there are a number of such apps available via the iTunes store that you can look forward to make use of when handling work, not all are up to the mark. So which should be the apps that you should look to get installed on your iPhone?

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Here are the top 5 business-oriented apps that you can look to download on your iPhone.

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Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that will help you remember and organize everything across all of the devices you use. As mentioned earlier, the app helps users to stay organized, save ideas and even improve productivity.

This app lets you take down notes, capture and save photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders. Moreover, the app makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, or out.

CamCard - Business card scanner

CamCard has the ability to read business cards and save them instantly to phone Contacts. The app syncs all your cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app.

The app has also been fitted with a brand new AR Card feature that allows you to amplify your abilites and demonstrate your products and company by adding various contents in text, graphic, video, audio or file formats.

The app also keeps you posted on the latest updates of your work partners and help you attract more business opportunities.


Skype comes with a lot of nostalgia as it has been around for such a long time now. The service remains quite popular among users as it not only a great option to make free calls, but also for sending texts - which is great for keeping in touch with all your important contacts.

However, you'll have to approve contacts before you can start communicating with that person.

Roambi Analytics

Roambi is a great choice if you are looking to introduce intelligent business apps into your wok dominion. Roambi Analytics is known for re-designing the way the user interacts with, shares, and presents data from a completely mobile perspective.

Users can take data from anywhere and transform it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience that helps in understand the theory, presenting it, and eventually sharing it with all the business partners.


GoodReader is a robust and highly-rated PDF reader offering advanced reading and annotating capabilities. The app has enjoyed good reviews on release and this is because of its ability to read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures.

GoodReader has also earned accolades for the way it handles huge PDF and TXT files, manuals, large books, and magazines.

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