Mobile app to plan your trip: TripIt - Travel Organizer

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Mobile app to plan your trip: TripIt - Travel Organizer


The TripIt Travel Organizer is one that compiles all your plans regarding travel in your phone without concerns about where it was booked. The application can forward emails about the travel confirmation to thereby building an itinerary of the trip. You can access the travel information right from your smartphone whenever you require.

This app is nothing but the mobile version of the famous website which is a travel organizing site. In case you are not aware of this website, you can visit it and browse through it to know its services. This website is ideal for the travelers as it helps them in organizing the travel plans. It also adds a feel of social aspect by allowing you to share your latest travels with others. There is a premium service also that lets you to subscribe to the alerts about the cancellation and delay of flights or the change in the departure date and time.

The application is limited however and it is quite useful in organizing the travel plans effectively and displays them in a simple and easily readable manner that is equipped with icons against the huge contents of text that you will receive from the emails of itinerary confirmation. You can get more and more details from each line thereby leading to all the details about booking, the directions to the hotel or airport using Google Maps, the approximate check-in and check-out timing of hotels and many more.

You can share the travels made recently with your friends who are also using the application. The data that is shared will have the name, the from and to destinations as well as the miles traveled. This utility tool makes the travel convenient. It surely eliminates meddling up with the suitcase in search of the significant travel papers. The interface and the data organization add more value to the app. It has more pros but the one difficulty in this app is that it is not that easy to sign in with the Google Apps username.

TripIt mobile app is available for all the mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. TripIt is available for free and hence it doesn't require you to spend even a penny to download it.

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