New Google search app for iPad launched

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Keeping in pace with the rising demands of the tablets in the international market, Google is able to sense the need for user friendly applications that will give Google a lead over its competitors. Now Google has decided to introduce a new native search app that is capable of providing the best experiences than that of an Android tablet.

This new development can be considered as Google’s attempt to capture the majority share of the booming Tablet Applications market. Google is clear about the huge popularity it will gain among the Apple iPad users by introducing this app and the strategic advantage Google can gain over Apple’s dominance in this sector.

The new app is a complex combination of the implementation of core elements from that of the Chrome operating system in to the eco system of the Apple. The Chrome OS team seems to have invested much time to make this new app more user friendly than other competitors in the international market.

The new app is expected to come with a lot of improvements as well as advanced features that include;

  • The new Google search app has been built using native controls.

  • The app helps the users by providing smoother functionality.

  • The functioning of search app is quicker in nature.

  • Users are enhanced by an interface instead of a web page for downloading.

  • Tailor made design suitable for tablets like iPad

New Google search app for iPad launched

  • A click of the Applications button that is present on the main screen will lead the users access to the following Google products such as:


      • Gmail.

      • Calendar.

      • Docs.

      • News.

      • Google+.

      • Reader.

      • Photos.

      • Maps.

      • You Tube.

      • Translate.

      • Voice.

      • Books.

      • Blogger.


With just the touch of a button, the users will be able to go back to the main page so that they can access any other apps if required. The new search app from Google has in fact provided the ipad users with all the core services that come with the Chrome operating system. The systematic approach of this new search app really has to be appreciated. The truth remains iOS devices like iPads accounts for at least 2/3 of the total mobile searches on the Google’s Platform.

By introducing this new search app for Apple based iPad devices, Google is very close in achieving the recognition of the dream app for its huge fan base working over the tablets.

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