New iPad can heat coffee

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New iPad can heat coffee

Imagine this case: you coffee has turned cold and you are lazy to go to the microwave and reheat it. This can be resolved using the new iPad. The solution is called the HotPad. This is a simple web app that will overlock the iPad's CPU. It will display the virtual heat coils on the screen. You can place your coffee mug on it to warm the for hours.

Of course, this is a funny concept and no one will recommend you to place any hot beverage on your iPad or other gadgets. This app is a clever move taken during the recent controversy of iPad heating issues.

The pranksters at the Primary Coffee Company have come up with this app. They claim that it will not hurt the tablet. But it might happen on placing hit coffee on it. However, we cannot be sure if all the heat problems are true. All the gadgets like PC, laptops and smartphones get little hot as we use them.

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