Amazon's Android shopping app now getting Alexa

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A few months back, Amazon added Alexa to its shopping app for its iOS users. Now, we have some good news for Android users as well. The company's AI assistant has also started making its way to the Android version of the Amazon app.

Amazon's Android shopping app now getting Alexa

A Twitter user named Nick Schwab posted the news after receiving a notification in the Alexa app on his device saying that the digital assistant is now available in the Amazon app. It is not clear why Amazon has not made an official announcement. However, the company has told TechCrunch that the news is actually true. Since the integration is being rolled out in phases, you may not immediately get the new feature.

So how will the presence of Alexa in the Amazon shopping app be beneficial? Well, truth to be told, it wouldn't make much difference to you. Of course, you can ask Alexa to know about the weather outside, to play your favorite song etc. Yes, we know what you are thinking. How will it make your shopping experience better? Well, it wouldn't.

We are assuming that the addition of the digital assistant to the shopping app, is nothing more than a promotional strategy for Alexa. Amazon is probably trying to display the features and ability of Alexa to a larger audience.

Maybe, it is the company's way to entice people into buying the Alexa-powered home speaker, Echo. Now, only time will tell whether this strategy will work out in favor of Amazon or not.

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