Apple to completely pull out 32-bit support on iOS 11

You better update your 32-bit apps now

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While Apple has been slowly making changes to its 32-bit iOS apps for quite a some time now, it seems like a drastic one is going to happen this September. Steven Troughton-Smith, a well-known developer claims that Apple plans to pull out support for 32-bit apps altogether with iOS 11. This means that several legacy apps will stop functioning post-September.

Apple to completely pull out 32-bit support on iOS 11

Although the source of this information is not revealed, Smith tweeted that he's hearing "very clearly iOS 11 won't have 32bit app support at all." However, the news should not come as much of a surprise to the developers or the users. Apple has been sending alerts to its users for a long time that pops up whenever they open a 32-bit app on iOS.

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The pop-up notification tells the users to update the app or else it wouldn't function with future versions of iOS.

iPhone 5s was the first iPhone to support 64-bit applications and since February 2015, Apple needed developers to come up with new apps that have 64-bit support.

The iPhone maker's conquest against 32-bit apps started with iOS 9. Apple then started alerting users saying that since the app was 32-bit, it may slow down the device performance. And with the arrival of iOS 10.3, it increased the severity of the warning.

Moreover, Smith says in a tweet that it "sounds like future A-series chips won't even include 32-bit support", a move which could clean up performance/die space.

Apple is likely to take this step in order to "remove problematic and abandoned apps" from the App Store.

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