Apple to remove malicious and misleading apps from the App Store: New guidelines announced

Apple is now officially taking down misleading apps without any compromises.


Whenever we get a new phone it is obvious that we would probably want to download apps for our new device. But the problem lies in choosing the apps since there are a lot of apps available for an Android or an iOS smartphone.

Apple to remove malicious and misleading apps from the App Store

However, the main problem that we may encounter is not the choice of apps but misleading or malicious apps that damage our smartphones. While Google has been actively working on removing such apps from its Play Store, Apple has just announced that it has updated its developer app review guidelines to make sure the App Store is safe and free from misleading apps. According to a report from 9to5 Mac, the Cupertino based company is now officially taking down misleading apps.

While the policies against such apps have already been placed within the App Store, the new update makes it more clear. As such, the ban will put up against apps "including content or services that it does not actually offer." Further, fake antivirus apps will also be removed. Apple is already removing these kinds of apps from the App Store.

Apart from the apps in the App store, the new guidelines have also been formatted for ARKit and Face ID. Apple ARKit apps will be more than just one-note apps with single objects, and Apple has said that the apps need to offer "rich and integrated augmented reality experiences." As for Face ID, Apple's guidelines state that there needs to be an alternate unlocking method for children under the age of 13.

Interestingly, apps can be used to offer 100 percent of funds from one person to another without using In-App Purchases. No need of giving 30 percent of the amount to Apple. While that sounds good, the guidelines also now explicitly state that apps which "facilitate human trafficking and/or the exploitation of children" will be banned. Besides, Apple might simply be making it clear that it will take legal action if it finds such apps.

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