Aster Emergency App launched in India for medical emergencies

This app will help you if some medical emergency situation arises

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Aster DM Healthcare today launched a new app called the "Aster Emergency App" in India. This app offers a real-time interface between a patient in emergency and a GPS-enabled Aster 'Responder'.

Aster Emergency App launched in India for medical emergencies

"This is a new approach using technology to handle healthcare. Every single day there are innumerable emergency calls/situations that arise in India. With this App, it is possible to provide Basic Life Support guidance during the Golden Hour immediately," said Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Aster MD Healthcare during the launch event.

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"My wish is that this App should be functional successfully in the entire country. We look forward to launching this App across India in association with interested healthcare organizations, NGOs and Government Agencies. This is a neutral, not for profit initiative to save lives and we are ready to share the technology and support anyone interested to take this up," he also added.

Basically, the Aster Emergency App will help someone to get access to Basic Life Support help when in a medical emergency. The app will act as a link between the patient, the responder, the ambulance and ultimately the hospital.

Aster Emergency App launched in India for medical emergencies

When a medical emergency pops up, all you have to do is tap on the app's icon. Then a qualified responder, who can handle emergency situations can be accessed with the back-end control center.

In addition to this, the app also contains crucial information on dealing with medical emergencies, emergency contact numbers and other useful tips. You can also report an incident and request an Ambulance through this app.

Moreover, the App even includes a View & Track for real-time status of the incidents by all stakeholders. Starting from Calicut in Kerala, the Aster Emergency App will be rolled to various cities across India in phases.

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