BitTorrent Speed announced: Seed a file and ear free BitTorrent (BTT) CryptoCurrency

BitTorrent Speed will be available from Q2 of 2019


BitTorrent, the torrent download client (using p2p technology) has unveiled a new application based on Blockchain. According to BitTorrent, the BitTorrent Speed is the largest blockchain application, powered by BitTorrent (BTT).

BitTorrent Speed announced: Seed a file and ear free BitTorrent (BTT)

How to download BitTorrent Speed?

The BitTorrent Speed will be available for download from Q2 of 2019 (update for the already existing uTorrent client). Interested users can sign-up to get updates about the development of the BitTorrent Speed.

Sign-up here

What is BitTorrent Speed?

BitTorrent Speed is an application, which can be used to share big files and bandwidth with other users. With the BitTorrent Speed, the company will offer BitTorrent (BTT) (CryptoCurrency) as a reward in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, which enables faster downloads.

With the BitTorrent Speed, users can enjoy much faster download speeds compared to a typical p2p download client. If you choose to seed the file, then BitTorrent Speed will reward you with BitTorrent (BTT).

How to enable BitTorrent Speed?

Update your uTorrent client
Click on the BitTorrent Speed link in the left-hand navigation menu
Check your balance and activity at any time
BitTorrent Speed will automatically bid BitTorrent (BTT) to other users for faster speeds
After finishing a download, let it seed to earn BitTorrent (BTT)
The longer you seed, the more tokens you may be able to earn

BitTorrent Speed FAQs

Does BitTorrent Speed involve mining?

No. The TRON blockchain does not need your computer resources to process transactions, so your torrent client will never mine.

How does the bidding mechanism work in BitTorrent Speed?

Each client supports a limited number of slots for uploading to others. Your client will now bid automatically on your behalf in order to attempt to unlock a slot when you otherwise might not be able to get a slot from a peer. The tokens are only used to reward seeders. No commission is taken by the network!


What is file seeding?

Seeding is where you leave the torrent running in your open client after you've finished your download to help distribute bytes. You distribute the file while downloading, but it's even more helpful if you continue to distribute the full file even after you have finished downloading. An open client will continue seeding unless the torrent is removed or stopped (right click the torrent, then hit Remove).

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