Cortana will help you to set up your Windows 10

Now setting up your Windows 10 will be really easy

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Over the past couple of years, tech companies have been experimenting a lot with AI-powered voice assistants. Now, thanks to Microsoft's digital voice assistant Cortana, you can set up Windows 10 using voice commands.

Cortana will help you to set up your Windows 10

As the Windows 10 Creators Update will start rolling out to devices Tuesday onwards, users will be able to set up the software with the use of just their voice. Even though adding the privacy options to the setup process was a necessity for the company, this latest addition is likely to make this process more convenient for the users.

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As reported by The Verge, users now have the option to set up their Windows 10 experience using only their voice with the help of Cortana. The report also claims that Cortana will not only help users connect to the Wi-Fi network and keyboard options, but also sign into their Microsoft account.

However, this is not a mandatory option for the users. They can opt to mute Cortana whenever they want and continue the process by using mouse and keyboard like any other platform.

If this new method turns out to be as smooth as it sounds, we expect many users choosing it instead of the conventional process of setting up Windows.

At the same time, we should not forget that digital voice assistants can prove to be frustrating as well. We have seen previously that sometimes they fail to recognize and interpret voice commands accurately.

Hopefully, this latest addition would not disappoint us.

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