Facebook Collab App Launched On App Store; Ups Competition With TikTok


TikTok is still the talk of the town, and several social media giants are working on ways to up the competition. Facebook has brought out a new app, now available on the Apple App Store. The Facebook Collab is an experimental music-making app that previously debuted as an invite-only beta back in May under the Facebook New Product Experimentation (NPE) wing.

Facebook Collab App Launched On App Store

Facebook Collab App Explained

Much like TikTok, the Facebook Collab app allows users to create, watch, and mix-match original videos with their personalized videos. However, the app gives a special emphasis on music, where one can create three 15-second videos in sync. In other words, you can make music with your friends even with physical distance.

Based on the input from the beta testing, the Facebook NPE team has enhanced the app further. Among the updates given to the Facebook Collab app, the team stresses the audio syncing feature. The team announced the availability of the app on the App Store and noted that the creation, sharing, and discovery of new collabs is seamless with the new app.

Being a music-focused app, Facebook Collab notes that users don't require any particular training or experience to use the app. Much like TikTok, one can create a 'collab' by swiping on any row to create a new video clip and sync with the sound or audio that goes with the video.

For now, Facebook Collab is available on the App Store in the US. There's no word when the app will be available in other markets, including India. Also, it's uncertain when it would be available on Google Play.

Facebook Collab Vs TikTok: What's Different

Creating a video on Facebook Collab might be quite similar to TikTok. However, there are a couple of features that make it stand out. For one, Facebook Collab allows users to sync three videos in a landscape mode - at once. The result is that you'll get a vertically-oriented video for sharing.


Plus, users can use external audio interfaces, like their electronic instruments such as their keyboards, guitars, drum kits, and others. They can use these audio devices to create their collab, which can further be made into three syncing videos.

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