QUICK HACKS: How to Change a Date of a Post on Facebook AND more..

Facebook has recently rolled out several existing features for its users. Be it the news feeds or their messenger app, Facebook has a whole bunch of new features for its users. However, its now that they have something new for its users while they comment on a certain post.

QUICK HACKS: How to Change a Date of a Post on Facebook AND more..

Facebook has come up with some very new and exciting features for its comment box and Timeline. Yes, so now you can see a few new options while you comment on Facebook or post something on your friend's timeline.

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Facebook has come up with a few chatting app like features and can let users know when their friends are commenting.

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'A Friend is Typing a Comment' Feature

Yes! Imagine you post a status, and one of your friends is typing a comment. Facebook with its newly rolled out feature can update you the same, before your friend could post the comment.

However, it might not update you on who's typing a comment, and can only be revealed when your friend posts the comment.

So, while your friend is typing a comment, Facebook will display a pop-up 'A friend is typing a comment' before they could actually post it.

Facebook Will Now Save Your Half-typed Comment By Default

Earlier, if someone typed a comment on Facebook, going back to the previous page without sharing the comment would simply delete the comment, and the users had to re-type it again. This has often proved to be a little annoying.

However, Facebook now has a solution for its users. Yes, if a Facebook user types a message and plans to post it later, they can do it without retyping it again. You can now go back to the previous page, and come back, and to your surprise, the comment will still be there in the comment box.

Nevertheless, this feature is just available for the Facebook app users as of now.


Now You Can Go Back to the Previous Years and Share a Post on Facebook

Facebook now has something extremely interesting feature in case you want to post on your friend's wall. Yes, Facebook now allows you to change the date, year, hour, and minute of the post shared on your friend's timeline.

So now when you post something on your friend's wall, you can simply change the date, year and time of the post, be it anytime or year in the past. No, you can't schedule a post as of now.


How to Share a post in the Past on Facebook

#1 Go to a friends timeline you wish to share a post

#2 While you keep the cursor on to type you'll see very many options below

#3 Click on the last option, after which you can simply set the year to any previous years, say 2011, same goes for the date and time.


The Post Will Be Shared to The Previous Years Log and Won't be Displayed as Recent

#4 Now post something

#5 The post will now appear in your friends 2011, and will not be displayed as a recent post on their timeline, although your friend will surely get a notification



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