GO Keyboard apps reportedly spying on over 200 million Android users

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A report by the publication ADGUARD claims a couple of third-party keyboard apps listed in the Google Play Store under GO Keyboard could be spying on users.

GO Keyboard apps reportedly spying on over 200 million Android users

The developer, mentioned as the GOMO Dev Team, states that "We will never collect your personal info including credit card information. In fact, we care about the privacy of what you type and who you type!" This is contradictory since the apps are said to have access to date showing the user's identity, phone call records and can listen in to the microphones on the phone as well.

Now, what is concerning us is that these apps are currently being used by more than 200 million users. What's more, the apps communicate with "dozens" of ad networks and third-party trackers.

It is worth noting, the moment someone installs one of the two accused GO Keyboard apps, his/her information gets transmitted.

The report further reveals, the GO apps send details like user's Gmail ID, screen size, Android version, build number and device model to its server.

In addition, this app is actually recording whatever you are typing on your phone. Hence, the server owner has the ability to collect any information required from GO Keyboard users.

Google has been informed, but no response has been heard from the search giant. However, users are recommended to uninstall any Go Keyboard app that they have downloaded on their devices.

This is not the first time an app is being accused of stealing personal information. Most recently, it was reported that Sarahah app was stealing contacts from the phonebook.

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