Google Assistant now gets a male voice: Here's how to enable it?

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Google has silently added a new voice to Google Assistant. The company's AI voice assistant, which can be found on Google Home and other Android handsets will no longer greet users by a female voice but the company has integrated a male voice as well.

Google Assistant now gets a male voice: Here's how to enable it?

As spotted by Android Police, Assistant now also boasts a male voice and Google has added the impersonal, robotic voice with a title "Voice II." In any case, if Google Assistant users are tired of hearing the same female voice then they can now opt to hear a male voice whenever they interact with the app.

The feature is limited to US English as the system language. Google could roll out the feature with additional languages for other markets in time. Interestingly, Google Home can also be set to use the new male voice from the Preferences section of the Google Home app. The same limitations may apply. 

It is not yet live for all but should reach devices in the days to come. Further, you might need to make sure your Google and Google Home apps are up to date as well.

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice TO Male on Your Smartphone?

  • Open the Google Assistant app from the launcher.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button and open Settings.
  • Open Preferences and then Assistant Voice.
  • Switch from Voice I (female) to Voice II (male).

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