Google Maps can not be relied on says Indian government

Indian government doesn't have any control over Google Maps.

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Most of you probably use Google Maps when you land up in a new city. From finding new restaurants to giving directions to the auto driver, Google Maps can come really handy. However, the Indian government doesn't think so.

Google Maps can not be relied on says Indian government

India's mapping and survey organization, Survey of India (SoI) recently pointed out that Google Maps are not reliable enough. According to them, it should not be used for high-end applications as it is "not authenticated" and "un-approved" by the government. As reported by Business Standard, Swarna Subba Rao, Surveyor General of India, said in an interthat Google Maps is suitable for low-end applications, such as navigating from one point to another.

"If you are using Google Maps to reach a restaurant or park, even if you reach 50 meters close to that place, you are happy," Rao said. "But when we have to put a new railway line or make canals, that is where our topographic maps come in, when you require very accurate, engineering quality data," he said.

"The maps are still being uploaded and there are some glitches with the website which are being fixed," Rao further added.

So what are your options? Well, as per the official, the maps created by Survey of India can be used in all high-end applications.

Another SoI official said that "There should be some controls, but the fact is that government doesn't have any restrictions or control over the applications like Google Earth Maps,"

The organization is also working on making its maps and surveys available to the Indian citizens free of cost. So until that happens, let's just keep using Google Maps to find our way in new cities.

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