Google Maps Will Show Toll Prices In India: How To Use This Feature?


Google Maps will now show you the price of tolls on your route in India. The feature is currently available in selected countries, including India. The Google Maps toll price feature is available with the updated version of the app. It will help you plan and prepare for your trips, especially on highways with tolls.

Google Maps Will Show Toll Prices In India: How To Use This Feature?

Google Maps is one of the widely used Google features. Google is now making Maps even better by bringing in a new feature that will reveal the price of tolls on your route. The move aims to make people choose between regular roads and toll roads. The updated Google Maps with the toll rates will be rolling on both Android and iPhones.

Google Maps Shows Toll Prices

The new Google Maps update with the toll prices will give people an estimate of how much their trip will cost if they take a particular route. Google Maps has brought in several factors to arrive at an approximate value for the user. This includes consideration of the cost of tolls, payment methods, day of the week, and so on.

Google Maps will also provide alternative options to reach a particular destination. Presently, Google Maps showcases multiple route options (if available), giving users the choice. To note, the Google Maps update will be rolling out in India, covering nearly 2,000 toll roads in the country. The data will be gathered and updated from the local authorities.

Google Maps Will Show Toll Prices In India: How To Use This Feature?

How Update And Use Google Maps With Toll Prices?

Step 1: Open Google Play or App Store on your phone > search for Google Maps

Step 2: Click on the update button. You can also opt for auto-updates, which will provide you with the latest updates when it rolls out

Step 3: Once Google Maps is updated, enter your destination details in the search bar


Step 4: If your route passes via a toll, you will be able to see the 'toll' and the price of it on the Maps

Step 5: If you wish to choose an alternative route, click on the three-dots button and select the 'Avoid Tolls' option

Google Maps New Features

The Google Maps feature with the toll prices is arriving in India, the US, Japan, and Indonesia. More countries are expected to get the latest update soon. Additionally, Google Maps has rolled out a special feature for iOS users for both iPhone and Apple Watch. The new features include direct navigation, pinned trip widget directed to the Apple Watch.

Google Maps is further integrating the platform with the iOS base into Shortcuts, Spotlight, and more. Users will soon be able to set Google Maps as default for Siri and provide voice commands to get directions using Google Maps.

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