Google Photos Assistant now helps to archive photos automatically

Newly released update saves your time by automatic functions.

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Recently, Google updated its Photos app to include some most needed features in it. The newly rolled out update saves your time by automatically archiving the photos present in your device.

Google Photos Assistant now helps to archive photos automatically

It is also designed to create the Photo books along with archiving to remove all the unnecessary clutters present in the image feed. The updated function includes Assistant in it to suggest the pictures that need to be archived. You can find this new features in the version 2.16 of Google Photos.

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Head to Assistant cards tab present under main settings of the app to find this newly included option. By name 'Suggested Archive', tapping on it lists you all the pictures that are ready to be archived automatically.

This feature will be of useful to find the pictures captured from books and texts. Since they are designed to focus mainly on documents and receipts, it will not trouble your important photo libraries.

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The interesting thing to be noted is, the photos that have been archived here can be seen in photo albums. If you wish to unarchive or deselect the automatically archived photos, you can do so easily by reviewing the suggestions made by Google Photos Assistant.

One can also load a number of pictures by tapping on 'More suggestions' tab located at the bottom of the page. It lists you some additional photos you may wish to archive.

This new version 2.16 has started rolling out for Android devices via Play Store update, whereas, it is already live for iOS in version number 2.17.

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