Google Photos comes with new image stabilization system

No more jerky videos

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Google Photos has got a new feature that can automatically stabilize videos inside the camera roll with just a tap.

Google Photos comes with new image stabilization system

There are a number of flagship smartphones, which offer optical image stabilization while shooting a video. This hardware feature helps in keeping the footage smooth. In the case of Google's Pixel phone, it has a software that tries to stabilize jerky movements. Putting stabilization inside the Google Photos app itself would definitely give better results. Moreover, if you don't own a phone with inbuilt image stabilization system, then this feature will be really useful for you.

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As expected, your video will get a bit cropped after it gets stabilized, but the original clip will stay in the Photos library. So you don't have to worry about that.

However, we should not expect something miraculous out of this new feature. It will not turn a particularly jerky video into a smooth one like magic. Also, the videos might get some warping and other visual distortions.
You don't have to get disheartened though. Unless you want a professional level video, Google Photos' image stabilization system should work just fine for you.

For example, if you want to smoothen the pans of a video you took using your phone, you can just take the help of Google Photos to make it better. Then you can easily upload it on wherever you want: Facebook or Instagram. At least Android users are getting something, who miss out on Instagram's Hyperlapse.

How does the Google Photos carry out the image stabilization process is not known yet.

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