Google releases stable Chrome 63 version for users: Available for all operating systems

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Google has now released a new software update for its Chrome browser. The new stable update brings the Chrome 63 web browser which is supported by all operating systems, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows as well as mobile platform.

Google releases stable Chrome 63 version for all operating systems

It was in October when Google Chrome 63 first appeared for beta testing and now it looks like the company has completed testing the software. As such the new update brings several new features including a new Device Memory API, async iterators, and generators, dynamic module imports, as well as various permissions UI changes. It also brought major Blink engine improvements and other bug fixes.

According to SamMobile, the Blink web browser engine improvements implemented in Chrome 63 improves things like DOM, CSS, HTML, MediaStream, JavaScript, bindings, fonts, network, storage, and sensor. The update also brings a redesigned chrome://flags page where there is a new Material Design that helps users distinguish between Available and Unavailable in-development Chrome experiments. The update also brings in a new Search bar and a quick button to reset all experiments in one go.

The new Chrome 63 now supports "display: minimal-ui" function. This will basically allow web developers to display a UI for users that resembles Chrome Custom Tabs. Further, Google has also added a new shortcut feature that will help users to easily find the Site Certificate of websites.

Chrome 63 has also got a new feature that effectively improves upon Google's sandbox technology. The browser now lets you isolate certain web pages meaning content from these web pages is rendered separately. It makes sure that these pages do not share processes or cross-site iframes.

Apart from these Chrome 63 has fixed several security vulnerabilities. The update brings nearly 37 security fixes. On top of that, Google added various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing, and other initiatives.

Chrome 63 (63.0.3239.84) is available for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating and you should update your software as soon as possible. Google also released the Chrome 63 for Android web browser which you can download from Google PlayStore.

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