Google's AI-powered project will let you 'Talk to Books'

Google has a new project that allows users to "Talk to Books."

    Google's is working on an AI-based natural language search experiment "Talk To Books" which may come in handy for a person who's looking for a specific passage. The project enables a user put in a query in natural sentences, similar to how you interact with a Google Home.

    Google's AI-powered project will let you 'Talk to Books'


    The highlight here is that you can actually ask a question of the books, which means that the queries can be more specific and personal. Some of the samples provided by the company on the project's page are "What smell brings back great memories?" and "What is fun about computer programming?"

    Basically, the point of the new project is to enable users to ask the questions that they would have normally asked to sort through a lot of books to find the answers. Though the system is far from flawless, it would get smarter with continued use as it learns more about the user and the way that people usually frame questions and the result they expect.

    Users will be able to play around with the bot and ask it almost all sorts of questions, and the system will combine natural language processing with standard search methods to show a set of results that would probably be satisfactory to the user.

    But, in most of the cases, the passage that gives the user what they expect will be outside of the purview of a book's preview, forcing them to buy the book in order to get the right answer. The project is a part of Google's efforts to bring Ai to all its products and services.

    Google is also taking necessary steps to help its users ignore spam calls. The company is said to be working on a feature that will automatically send spam calls to voicemail, reports 9to5Google. The Google Phone app already has the ability to flag spam numbers and turns the screen red when one comes in, but the new feature will take it to a next level, sending these calls directly to voicemail without even bothering the users.

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    For this, the company will have to accurately identify and filter the spam calls, which is a complex battle going on between the spammers and the software company. It isn't a huge change, but would still be a big improvement. The new feature is expected to be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks in company's proprietary phone app for Android.

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