Google’s AutoDraw turns your scribble to art

Draw using this tool and have fun.

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Google came up with a new web-based tool known as AutoDraw which helps you to draw on your smartphone or computer easily. Using the mouse or your finger to create a picture on a device screen is a tedious task for almost everyone.

Google’s  AutoDraw turns your scribble to art

The search giant solved this problem by introducing this new tool. This looks somewhat similar to swipe keyboard where a user has to swipe the set of keys and the keyboard comes up with the list of suggestions. Instead of providing with the list of words, AutoDraw accepts the image you created and tries to guess what actually you wanted to draw. This is an interesting tool provided by Google.

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To identify the object created by the user, it pairs machine learning feature in it. That is, when you scribble something on the screen, the machine learning tool tries to sense what it is and provides you with a list of suggestion on the top of the screen.

One can pick any image from that suggestion. It works similar to autocorrect algorithm used in phone keyboard nowadays. Try drawing a balloon, it then lists you with various suggestions which include balloon as well as other similar objects.

Google’s  AutoDraw turns your scribble to art

If you have used Quickdraw before, you will get to know how it actually works. It uses almost the same technology of Quickdraw by trying to guess what your artwork looks like.  But only the difference is, this earlier project just makes a guess but does not come up with any suggestion.

Another important thing to be noted is, both the tools are available for free and work on devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. Even kids can make use of it to learn how to draw.

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For now, only basic suggestions are added and we are hoping it to be better in future. The search giant has also invited users to submit the best image created by them. So, it will help the tool in advancing further. Even you can submit your drawing by heading to their artist's page.

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