Google decides to remove millions of apps from Play Store by March 15

Hey app developers, Google can remove your apps from play store anytime. Read more for details.

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In the digitally advanced space, applications play a very vital role in everyone's life. Be it any work, there are apps of various categories available on Google Play Store that surely makes life extremely easy and convenient.

Google decides to remove millions of apps from Play Store by March 15

However, just in case if you're over dependent on applications, well, hard days are approaching for you as Google Play Store is now planning to remove a vast range of applications. The reason behind the decision can be the rising number of fake apps and malicious activities.

This being said, latest reports suggest that Google has sent out a notice to various app developers worldwide, informing them that their app may vanish from the Play Store at any time.

To highlight more on the instance, the warning was sent to the developers who failed to meet the terms of Google's user data policy and whose applications don't have a valid privacy policy.

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However, in case you violate the Google's privacy policy, here's another chance for the developers out there to save their apps.

Google has now provided a link to such a policy in the Play Store Listing page and also in the application, giving the app developer yet another chance to legally register their app with Google.

Google decides to remove millions of apps from Play Store by March 15

To do so, developers have been given until March 15 to the developers. Failing to do so will force Google either limit visibility of offending applications or remove them altogether.

However, in case you abide by the stated user data policy of Google, there's no need for you to worry. The initiative to discard the apps from the Play Store will surely lessen the chances of getting prone to fake applications and hackers out there.

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