Here’s Why WhatsApp Banned 1.9 Million Indian Accounts in May


WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms, especially in India. Billions of Indian use WhatsApp for messaging, paying, and even communicating with businesses. However, there are times when WhatsApp could ban or delete your account. The platform owned by Meta puts out a monthly user report in India adhering to the Information Technology rules of 2021 and reveals the number of accounts that were banned.

Here’s Why WhatsApp Banned 1.9 Million Indian Accounts in May

Going by the same, in the month of May 2022, WhatsApp has banned 1.9 million accounts. As per the company, it had banned the massive number of users as per the reforms. It claims that these users were using certain abuse detection tools.

WhatsApp Abuse Detection

In the report, WhatsApp stated that its abuse detection system operates in three phases of an account - at the registration, while messaging and in the case of negative feedback that comes in the form of reports or blocks. A team of analysts at WhatsApp inspect these three stages to help improve the platform's effectiveness.

The accounts that are banned can make an appeal but WhatsApp overturns them rarely. Of the 303 appeals that came in May 2022, only 23 accounts were restored by WhatsApp, added the report.

Here’s Why WhatsApp Banned 1.9 Million Indian Accounts in May

How To Prevent WhatsApp From Banning Your Account

Using WhatsApp is easy, simple, and free of cost. It has a wide reach and multiple features that make it handy to use. However, your WhatsApp account can be deleted if you're found doing any of the aforementioned activities. To avoid WhatsApp account deletion, you simply need to avoid all of the above-mentioned.

Avoid using third-party apps like WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Plus. Never send viruses, malware, spam, or fake news on WhatsApp. Avoid getting blocked by others and use WhatsApp to message people in your contacts. If you follow this, your WhatsApp account won't be deleted.

The reasons for WhatsApp to delete your account are several. Here are some of the major reasons for WhatsApp to delete your account. These include having an inactive account, using third-party apps, sending spam messages, getting blocked by others, and spreading fake information. Besides these, if you send virus or malware and create unauthorized accounts as well you are at risk.

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