Huawei To Add Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram To Its AppGallery

By Kunwar Kunal

Huawei is working on its AppGallery which will house Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter soon. The brand started developing its app services, after it was relieved from Android license. Since then, the Chinese firm is looking keen on producing its mobile services that could be an alternative solution to Google services.

Huawei To Add Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram To Its AppGallery

This announcement by Huawei came into picture, after it learned about the consumers that are fond of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Earlier, Huawei introduced its services that directly benefits Chinese consumers, as Facebook is banned in China. But, the concern lies outside China, as users are not compatible with Chinese apps.

The mobile services which are under progress by Huawei comprise Huawei Cloud, Huawei Wallet, Huawei Browser, and AppGallery. The AppGallery is a substitute to Play Store. And, the AppGallery is on the venture of extending its services by adding more apps. Even though Huawei promises to open backdoor entry for users who are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, via AppGallery, the brand is, however, not permitted to download and install Facebook ecosystem covering Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

It is due to the sanctions by the U.S.A. in the wake of security tampering, Huawei is paying a hefty price. Secondly, entire customers blindly rely on the services offered by Google and so the search-giant must and should have access on the devices. In this case, Huawei's mobile services including AppGallery will find it very difficult to allure Google users.

Huawei devices need to be vendors of famous apps that the world uses ardently, to stand in competition to other OEMs. It would be quite odd to see Huawei urging consumers to depend on its services. Well, as of now, nothing can be said about how far Huawei will succeed with its services. But, the brand is on cloud nine, as its app store has offered services to more than 600 million Huawei phone users, across maximum number of countries.

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